Besides distribution of CNC-machines and development of automatisation we are also reliable partner in matters of machinetool-service! We are always able to handle your issues flexible. Please use our contact formular for service issues.

Consulting – Optimize your production

You want to optimize the processes of your production and increase the efficiency? We are happy to help you!

Our employees are experts in the field of the latest production techniques. We present the solution that perfectly fits to your conditions!

Service – Avoiding downtime

Machinetools needs to be serviced regularly to make sure you always produce with the same good quality and to avoid downtime.

We offer an extensive after-sales service for machines we sold as well as other types of machine. We are able to plan in flexibly your desired date no matter what kind of service needs tob e done.

General overhaul of machinetools

It´s not always necessary or even sustainable to invest in a completly new machinetool. We can offer a proper solutions in this case as well:

We give your plant a general overhaul! Our technicians come to your place to check, test and optimise your machinetools. It´s also possible to overhaul and repair at our place. Therefore we take care of the transport of your machine to our workshop.

After fire- or water damage it is possible to get machines fixed.
Our technicians have a great know-how and get your machines back to work.

In case of damage we can also help you with the transaction with your insurance. If necessary we consult an expert for an assessment. 

Don´t hesitate to ask for this service! It´s worth it!

 Moving your machinetool? – Difficult machine insertions are not a problem for us!

You want to move your machinetools within your premises or to another location? The machine insertions seems to be too difficult? There is no door that is too small! We can handle your moving transport and get your plants safely to the new destination.


[Translate to English:] Notfall-Service für CNC-Maschinen


Machine downtime?
We help you! Contact us!



[Translate to English:] Ersatzteilservice für CNC-Maschinen

You need spare parts or want to expand your plant?



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You need service or spare parts for your machine tool?

Please send us an email with information about your machine model, serial number etc. to

Service oder Ersatzteile?